3D Color Changer 4

3D Color Changer 4

3D Color Changer 4


3D Color Changer is a simple yet powerful tool aimed at UI color customization. While it looks almost like the Display/Appearance Control Panel applet it offers a host of additional features:

and more...

3D Color Changer 4

version: 4.00.2050.0released: 26.12.03



CSS: Reloaded

Just finished tweaking (sic!) the CSS stylesheet. When I opened the page in Mozilla it looked - well, I don't think the word "different" could even remotely describe it. Anyway, it's fixed now. Well, I guess.


XHTML 1.1 applied

Converted the entire website to XHTML 1.1. Took about six hours, pretty cool. The site is now completely table-less (never imagined I could do it!)


Website back up

After two months of absence I decided to reactivate the jotenet somehow. I wanted to resurrect at least 3D Color Changer pages since it is still quite popular, some of you still register it (thanks for your support by the way!), and - believe it or not - it's still under development. "But what happened to the win3000 jotesite?", you might ask. Let me just straighten it out real quick - it's gone. Due to hosting problems and lack of time I decided to put a stop to it. Sure I have a new host now, but to tell you the truth, I don't feel like a .asp to .php conversion of a website, which I can barely manage to run all by myself (especially considering that this is my very first attempt at .php). Anyway, there were and there are lots of sites that have better content than win3000 jotesite, so what's the point - running the website solely for the sake of its beautiful design seems pointless. I'm not saying "It's over definitely". win3000 jotesite might return someday, but it won't be a dime-a-dozen-news-website, I can tell you that.

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